CJS Software and Electronics Resources

Developing from an early interest in general science, I've been interested in electronics and programming both from a hobby perspective and in my professional career. This site will contain a range of resources such as software applications, and informative or constructional articles on electronics mostly relating to those long-standing interests.

The new site is currently being redeveloped using responsive html to better suit a wider range of devices.


My software pages will include the following:

RFProp is a freeware Windows program that calculates the radio wave propagation signal budget applicable to many kinds of VHF, UHF, microwave and satellite communications.

WAVToCode is a freeware audio format converter that generates C code format from WAV files, enabling sound effects to be incorporated in embedded processor code.

Other applications include a schematic capture program designed for illustration and an IRC client developed starting in 1993 that I still use today.


My electronics pages include both some articles exploring the fundamentals of electronic engineering, and some articles describing some specific constructional projects.

Theory Articles

My theory articles cover the basics of the early implementation of electronics using valves (tubes), then semiconductors - PN junctions, transistors and their construction, basic biasing and load-line analysis, which should give you a basic introduction to the subject of electronic hardware.

There are also some more specific articles on topics varying from design of triode amplifiers to SPICE modelling for common IC temperature sensors and how GPS systems work, and some useful reference information on mechanical drill and hole sizes, and some old valves.

Constructional Articles

These will include a expandable 4-channel Sequencing Light Controller, a compact digital TV antenna that can be used inside a loft space, and a Geiger-Muller radiation monitor and counter that was published in a popular magazine in the '80s (the prototype of which is still working perfectly).


There will also be various miscellaneous articles that generally have an interest in photography in common, e.g. the Brunel Museum and Thames Tunnel, some photographs of Chrissie Hynde at a concert by The Pretenders, etc.